Three Kings

What is this?

Hi folks,

I have just sent out invitations to my Three Kings role playing game. This is what I am planning on running after Skulls and Shackles finishes. It is set in 1939 Europe on the eve of War. Players will be playing characters who are members of or attached to some branch of the armed services, and will parachute into occupied Czechoslavaka to meet up with the local resistance and discover what hideous Nazi plans are being hatched.

This game has a major twist which some of you have sussed out. Please do not tell other players if you figure it out before the game starts (Lucy, Sammi, I'm looking at you).

I want to use the Cypher system for playing which we tried briefly last year, because I want it to play like a pulp story, not a war story (e.g. Raiders of the Lost Arc rather than the Longest Day).

If you are interested in playing let me know if the comments below. I'm trying to limit to 4 or 5 players, so if you're not interested, also let me know so I can invites someone else.



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