Character Foci

Calculates the Incalculable

Other people are a little in awe of your mind, though you feel normal enough.

Conducts Weird Science

You have a particular gift for sifting the edges of what’s possible.

Crafts Unique Objects

You are a maker, a crafter, an inventor, and a builder.


You are an entertainer: a singer, dancer, poet, storyteller, or something similar.

Explores Dark Places

You explore foreboding ruins, mysterious locales, dungeons deep, dark caverns, and similar places.

Fights Dirty

You know one thing for certain: the only important element of a fight is who wins.

Focuses Mind Over Matter

Telekinesis. Psychokinesis. Mind over matter. The power has many names.

Hunts With Great Skill

You are a tracker. Perhaps you hunt animals or more deadly creatures.


You focus on subtlety, guile, and stealth. Your body has been trained to make you the perfect infiltrator.

Interprets the Law

You know the law as well as the back of your hand.

Is Idolized by Millions

Some celebrities are known for their talent, while others are simply known for being known.

Is Licensed to Carry

You’re a proficient adversary when armed.


Using charisma, natural leadership you command the actions of others, who follow you willingly.

Lives in the Wilderness

You dwell in the wilds. You probably have done so most, if not all, of your life.

Looks for Trouble

You are a fighter. A scrapper. You like nothing more than to take off the kid gloves.

Masters Weaponry

You have worked long and hard with one particular type of weapon.

Moves Like a Cat

You are extremely dexterous. Your speed and agility make you almost a thing of wonder.


The murderous assassin is a master of dealing death.

Never Says Die

You are as stalwart, hardy, and driven as can be imagined.

Operates Undercover

You’ve been trained as a spy or covert agent. You might work for a government or for yourself.

Solves Mysteries

You are a master of deduction.

Throws With Deadly Accuracy

Sometimes you wonder if your hand and your mind’s eye are connected in an intricate perfection of timing and aim.

Wields Two Weapons at Once

You bear steel with both hands, ready to take on any foe.

Works the Back Alleys

The thief, burglar, pickpocket: these are the dangerous individuals who haunt the back alleys.


Character Foci

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