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Parachute DropThree Kings

Summer, 1939.

The shadows of war loom large over Europe. The German invasion of Czechoslovakia has split the country in two. In the newly formed Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia a triumvirate of Czech patriots, the Three Kings, are working to form a resistance movement.

Now word has reached the Czech government in exile in London. The German's are up to something in. A priest in the vicinity of Prague has uncovered evidence of Nazi atrocities in the vicinity. Section D of the British Secret Intelligence Service has organized a daring raid, dropping a small team of highly trained specialists into the heart of Czechoslovakia. Their mission – to contact the Three Kings and establish communications with the Czech resistance, and to find the priest, determine what the Germans are up to, and return with the information to London.

But the mission is fraught with peril. This kind of parachute drop has never been tried outside of training before. The operatives will be in plain clothes and shot as spies if captured by the Germans. The Three Kings might just be an SS trap organized to try and uncover the resistance. The priest could be misinformed or just plain imagining things. And there is no decent extraction plan.

Can a small covert team be parachuted into occupied Czechoslovakia, avoid capture and certain death at the hand of the Germans, contact the budding Czech resistance movement, uncover the secret atrocities the Nazis are perpetrating against a captive population and make it back to London with vital information?

Or is it all just a disaster waiting to happen…?

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